Personal Narrative: Student Body President

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One day during school in the announcements they said that you can start running for student body president. I wanted to run for it so bad. I went to my friends Samantha, Taylor, Melanie, and Cortney to tell them that I was going to run for it. Samantha said “That’s a good idea. We should help make flyers and stickers to give people so they know you are running for it”. “Ya we should do that” said Taylor. Melanie and Cortney agreed too. “How about we have a sleepover at my house this weekend and we can figure out the details” I said. So we all went to our classes. Taylor was in my next class and she also sat by me. Taylor said “Did you know that Kaitlin was running for it too. Everybody likes her”. I said “Really now everybody is gonna pick her to win”. Taylor said “No you are better than her just have faith in yourself”.…show more content…
We were talking about ideas that we were gonna do when everybody came over to my house to make stuff to hang up and stuff we were gonna give people to wear or something like that. After lunch Cortney, Melanie and I had Math together and Kaitlin was in our math class too. I used to be Best Friends with Kaitlin but we got into a huge fight and we haven’t really hung out or talked that much since that night. In math class me and Kaitlin were partnered up. Kaitlin rolled her eyes as usually but gave me a smile and we went to table so we could work together. “I heard you are running for student body” said Kaitlin. “Yep I heard you are too” I said nervously. After we did some Math problems together the bell
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