Personal Narrative-Stuttering

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Just as Mrs. Fadden stormed out of the heavily guarded entrance to the VVIP room, Aeryn was walking in. Of course she would have some strong words and more than likely was going to blame him for her parents arguing. He had a thought to make a run for it, but her father would only have his security drag him back. With no other choice, but to weather the storm that was about to rain down on me, I just relaxed and waited for my ears to bleed. I took a calming breath and told myself it would be all over soon. I would have my life back, and never have to put up with her mother looking to… Aeryn rushed up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me. What the hell! There was now a barrage of flashes from the other side of the glassed…show more content…
“I’ve been told you stutter around beautiful women. I think the report is inaccurate because you don’t stutter around Aeryn. Are you trying to say my daughter isn’t attractive?” I had racked my brain with anticipating every question under the sun from, when did you hand my daughter started dating to have the two of you shared a bed? Nowhere in the thousand questions did my stuttering come into the realm of being a question from Aeryn’s father. How was I going to tell him that I thought she was sent by my best friend to embarrass me and I had refused to be made a fool again? “I guess I never thought of her that way. She is far from being the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. Yet, the more I get to know her, just being with her goes far beyond what she looks like from the outside. I don’t know what to say, Sir. I guess just being her friend has more importance to me and maybe that’s why I don 't stutter around her.” “I see,” he said, as if deep in thought. “How do you feel about my wife wanting Aeryn to date Trever?” “I don 't think I have anything to say about that. Aeryn is the one who will make that choice. All I can do is being who I am and trust we both have the same things in…show more content…
I’m going to fight as hard as I can to stay with Aeryn, but she isn’t some prize for the victor. She has a mind of her own, and all I can give her is me. If she thinks that other guy has more to offer her then there is nothing I can…” I felt a hand grab my arm harshly and spun me around. Before I had a chance to understand what was happening, there were more flashes from photographers. Aeryn had caught me off guard again and was kissing me. This time her father was laughing loudly and calling me his son-in-law. I was actually set up! I don 't know how long Aeryn was standing behind me while I was answering her father 's questions, but by the angry looks of some of her old schoolmates it was long enough for green fire to blaze from their eyes. I also noticed... “Hey,” I said, concern when I noticed Aeryn wiping away tears. “Is there something wrong?” “We well talk later,” Aeryn said, softly giggling and wiping away more tears. “Father, My table is ready. I think it would be best if Josh and I don 't sit with you and mother. It was hard enough to get Josh to agree with coming here and it might be impossible to convince him again.” “Don’t worry about that. Joshua and I are playing a round tomorrow. The question who is flying out with us tonight.” “WHAT!”
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