Personal Narrative: Success Or Failure Of Golf

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Sports are often things that people look at as success or failures. “Oh you did not win the game, that means you have failed.” Most often times losing can have a bigger impact on a person's life rather than a win. I can recall an experience during golf season where everything just started falling apart. Golf is a mental sport that takes roughly six hours of concentration, and I thought I had failed. To make the varsity golf team we have challenging rounds which determine what number you are on the roster. The coach takes the average of five rounds, and based the team off of those scores. The first day I started with hitting a shot out of bounds, followed by another one out of bounds. I thought, “What is happening with my golf swing?” The day seem to be followed by worse and worse shots. I ended up shooting an 48. My parents told me that the following day would be a lot better, and I was hoping they were right. Unfortunately, it was about the same. Now I wasn’t concerned about making the team, but I was thinking about the long run. My team had a chance of winning the state title four years in a row, but how were they supposed to do that if I did not step up my game. After those two rounds, I stayed a couple hours after practice to figure things out. I obviously went home very frustrated with myself at the way I was performing. I…show more content…
I started shooting better scores, and slowly my confidence was restored. I learned that no matter what someone is doing in life they are going to hit a few bumps in the road, but persevere through them and you will be a better person for it. I was able to look past my mistakes and learn from them. It takes courage to pick yourself up from failures, but in doing so a person will experience a successful life. My team was no expectation, we were able to achieve our goals of winning the state
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