Personal Narrative: Summer At Six Flags In Colorado

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Life is a precious thing. The ability to walk on this earth is so divine that we humans take it for granted. We all take it for granted until we realize that we are not immortal. Everyone dies at some point and simply living infinitely is not a choice. However, we wish life was an eternal thing, for then we would have time to subjugate our fears and accomplish our dreams. Since life is not an internal thing we allow our fears to take over our life making us stress about every detail whether it be diminutive or colossal. They make our palms gets sweaty and our legs quiver. If we do not overcome these fears in our head than we will simply die without the gratifying feeling of accomplishment.
It happened on our road trip this summer at Six Flags in Colorado. My cousins and I made a deal that we had to try every ride they suggested at least once. Now, this sounded like a superb deal to me for I am always up for a daring adventure and how bad could it be, they are just rides. I remember how brimful the place was, it felt like I was at black Friday with all of the parents hustling and bustling around with arms filled with shopping bags or I was at a high school party because the profuse number of high schoolers was endless or perhaps I was at preschool with
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As I do this I realize that I am scared I have no idea what I 'm going to do and I am scared. I am afraid that I am going to go up the tower and get stuck and maybe the chains will break and we will free fall down or even worse fall out. Trying to distract my mind with other things, but the thought of falling was like a leech that had attached itself to my brain and wouldn 't leave. This ride has got me in over my head. My head is focused trying to process every precise detail of my situation and telling myself that there is no way I can back out, no not now, I will stand tall and get over
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