Personal Narrative: Symoi Halsoll

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Symoi Halsoll

I overcame many obstacles to become this person I am today. I never knew each year things would get challenging for me that would change my life forever. My family was from Kingston, Jamaica so I really didn’t understand that much of the United States because they were somewhat learning about the country too. When attending school, I never use to fit in with the other kids; I would only have one or two friends. I’ve gone through bullying which made me feel like I was weak inside and what I wouldn’t amount to anything in life. Today I am a confident, hardworking, positive, and strong African-American young women.

It was very hard to have guidance on what steps to take to become the person I want to be. I had to look to other places for answers, such as the Internet or teachers from my schools. I always felt like I had to do two times the work just to amount to my
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When 6th grade came, I transferred into a Baltimore City Public School since I really wasn’t getting the education I needed at the private school. It was still rough not fitting it. I thought that becoming like the other kids would make me happy, but I was learning new things everyday and I realized in high school that being the outcast is better than being like everyone else. The journey I dealt with in high school was very emotionally tough and life changing. I learned that I was placed on this earth to discover my own path, and I wouldn’t be happy if I live someone else’s life. Throughout high school I’ve gained confidence in myself, which really helped me a lot to step out of my comfort zone when in a difficult situation. I’ve learned that what I am doing now will effect me later on in life. I only have to worry about what I am doing not what someone else doing because worrying about someone else will not get you any
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