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I have been waiting since the start of summer for this day, the day to go against Topeka West the school that have been talking stuff for the longest. There was so much hype about this game and it was finally here, when the bell ringed at the end of the day i rushed out of class and got on the bus to head over to chandler our practice field. When we got there we all the football players loaded off the bus and when we got off there was a table of chips,water,gatorade,PB & J and fruit snacks so we didn’t play on an empty stomach. After we ate and got ready coach talk to us for a little bit and then we got on the bus to head to Hummer sports park, it was a loud bus but i don 't think coach cared because we was hype going to play t-west. Topeka high and Topeka west have been rivals for ever in almost every sport but mainly football. So we got drop off by our bus driver at Hummer sports park.We go in the locker room to get dress to go do our stretches so we don’t pull anything and to get ready for our game so…show more content…
Our first two drives we scored and they did too so it was 14-12. We was up we was yelling as we got ready to kickoff i sprint down the field and hit the ball carrier, we both slid on the 30 yard on line and i got a turf burn and turf in my mouth it tasted like sour rubber. I looked up as the guys face was all red from embarrassment we went off the field. Our offense scored on the first play of the drive and we got the 2 point conversion, so the score was 22-12 we was up. Then we just scored and scored so at the end of the game it was 54-12 they never scored again we shook hands, and all i could hear was the crowd cheering for us. After that we got on the bus to head to chandler to get out things and head home. It was a short and loud bus drive to chandler. It was a happy day we all went home with smiles on our faces and we beat west everyone was happy I went home ate took a shower and went to
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