Personal Narrative: Tackle Football Routine

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Personal Narrative Tackle football at Waterford Sabercats was hard for me when I first started. The first week was running non stop and it wore me out. “You are almost done,” I remember my dad telling me when we were doing an exhausting dill. But as the week progressed, I got used to the conditioning, but it still hurt. The coach announced that we would receive our pads the next week, but you had to complete five days of conditioning. My dad helped me put the pads in the pouches in the cloths were they belonged. The first day at practice with pads was the coach telling us what positions to play. He put me at tight end and linebacker, then the next day we got into hitting. I couldn’t block that well and my tackling wasn 't that good, it was a rough start for me in football. Before the first game, we had a couple of short scrimmages against actual teams we would play in the season. We did fine, but I remember it was hard…show more content…
“Why didn’t you run,” the coach asked,. “I just froze when I saw the linebacker rushing towards me,” I told him. The season went by fast, and I was really starting to understand football. Each game got me nervous at the beginning, but once I started to play, my fear went away and I enjoyed it. Our last game was against our rivals, Hughson. This was the game my whole team wanted to win. A couple kids from Hickman were on that team so the got us pumped up some more. I made a bad play where the defensive end blew past me and made the tackle. But other than that, it was a good game. They beat us in the end but only by two which was good. At the end of the season, I was sad to turn in my pads and helmet. It was a great season of football, in my opinion. Even though it was hard for me to play football in the beginning, I got used to it in the end and had a great season. After that season, I knew what to expect for following years of playing. Football is one of my favorite sports and I will likely play it for years to
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