Personal Narrative: Tallahassee Florida

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When I was a child the world never seemed to stretch beyond my home town Tallahassee Florida. Through my young eyes it was so massive and expansive that I couldn’t fathom the concept of their possibly being areas existing outside of it. Out of all of the areas of Tallahassee I was familiar with, I was familiar with my neighborhood the most. I lived in a reddish-brown brick house that had a dark Oakwood colored roof on it. Up until the mid-2000’s the house was very dark to the presence of dark colored paint on the house and was often covered by spiders. Around 200t the house was painted with much lighter colors and the entire appearance of the house and the vibe it gave completely changed. Around the Second to my bedroom I spent the most amount of my time in childhood…show more content…
The neighborhood I lived in had two different sides to it. One half was filled with old, dirty, ran down houses that looked abandoned, and the other half looked fresh, brand-new and clean. The newer houses all had similar structures and paint patterns on them. It was exploring this new part of the neighborhood where I discovered that there were other kids in my neighborhood besides me and my next door neighbor. At first discovering and meeting all these new people was exciting, some of the neighborhood kids even attended my school. In the beginning things seemed to be just fine, we’d walk around the neighborhood cracking jokes, go to each other’s houses and play video games, or we would simply hang outside and enjoy the Floridian sunshine. Unfortunately, this did not last long for me. As time went on I got a point where I began to feel a level of disconnect and isolation with my neighborhood. I was always a weird individual and most of the neighborhood kids learned to except that but as time went on my weirdness really began to show in unfavorable
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