Personal Narrative-Target Interviewer

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I am very loyal when it comes to my stores. If I have a bad experience, I don’t like it, and I think it is a rip off, I will be the first person to let anyone know. I think I am a stores worst nightmare because I have no problem telling people what I think about whether things are overpriced or stuff like that. I guess I am a picky person when it comes to where I shop, but I am not a brand picky person. So, I am picky in some ways, but not in other ways. Interviewer: If you had a Target close by, would you shop there in addition to Walmart or would you still be loyal to Walmart? Rebecca: I got Walmart. I don’t have a target close by, but I have shopped at Target enough to know that it is very expensive. I don’t ever shop at Target…show more content…
Rebecca: Nothing really, they probably just had a bad experience. I don’t have a bad experience at Walmart and even if I did have a bad day there, I am very loyal to them. They have really good prices and I really like there price matching, because I can just go to them and not have to worry about any other stores. Interviewer: How does price matching work? Rebecca: I go and I look at local grocery stores and whatever sales they are having, I write them down. For example, one store this week has 2 pounds of bananas for $1.00, which is a good deal because you can’t get 2 pounds of bananas anywhere. I go to Walmart and I get my 2 pounds and when I check out I say at this certain store, their ad is 2 pounds for $1.00 and so they will just give me the 2 pounds for $1.00. Interviewer: They just take your word for it? Rebecca: They do take your word for it and I have to find someone to ask me for the advertisement. Usually, you can tell and with me I write it all down and I have a list and I write down all of the ads deals that I am wanting to use. I have a sheet of paper already written out and everything is ready. I sit there and point to it and they take my word for
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