Personal Narrative: Team Dance

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“BOOM” is what I hear as I descend from my jump shrieking in pain. It was an exciting, fun day at the Dakota Classic dance competition in Dakota Valley, little did I know something disastrous was going to happen to me in the middle of the competition.
It was early in the morning and I had already performed my solo and I had four more dances to go that day. I was in the mini division because I was only a third grader so that 's where I fell in the age categories. I thought I did pretty good but now I am focused on my team dances that are next. The team competition had officially started and our team was on very soon. I just got done with my solo so, I quickly took my solo costume off and as fast as I could I put on my novelty costume. My novelty
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My team repeated me as I howled as loud as I could. Then, as we are approaching the end of our chant, my coach Julie trampes in the room and asserted us that we need to go practice our novelty dance.
My whole team screeched, “WAIT! Let us finish our chant quick”
My dance coach then announced “Okay, but be lightning quick.” After our team was done with the chant we skittered quickly to the practice room and found where Julie was waiting for us to start warming up. But, there was again NOWHERE to practice. Swarms of people EVERYWHERE around the gym. So Julie directed us to the hallway. The starlets (my dance team) all sat down and started following the stretching leaders. The stretching leaders happened to be Autie and I. So, we started stretching. Once, to the right, once to the left. “Ok, everybody get in the dead frog position!” I demanded. All of the starlets got in the dead frog position and was shrieking in pain. Once, we were done stretching Julie came over and told us that we need to start running through our dances. Indefinitely, we all stood up and proceeded to our first positions.
Our coach informed us that we were going to practice with music right away.
We all responded,
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