Personal Narrative: Teenage Drinking

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When I arrived at the party it was only seven. I didn't want to be there but Marlee and Skyler had shoved me in the car and told me to shut up, that I would thank them later for this. I couldn't believe what I saw. Students Much younger than me were passing out red solo cups full of alcohol. I assumed it was beer. I doubt teenage drinkers this young knew how to get their hands on the good stuff. I was surprised to see my friends from stoner wall in the corner of the room I walked into smoking weed. Skyler had promised to have me home by eleven but as she took a hit of Allie's dope I knew that wasn't going to happen. I could feel myself getting high off of their second hand smoke. Marlee shoved a cup into my hand. It was half full of a liquid the color of dehydrated urine and smelled of piss. I took as sip anyways so I wouldn't seem like a bitch. It burned going down my throat, soon my body felt warm and tingly. Marlee started of her third beer. Everyone was excited the school year was finally over and wanted to make a night of it. though this is not what I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of movies and pizza. Not this, not this at all.…show more content…
Splashes and squeals came from fifteen year old girls, broad smiles, a group of newly graduated senior had squirt guns and blasted anyone they felt like. I could drown in this air, suffocate in the chlorinated humidity that rises above the water. I remembered the pool back home, its surface perfectly flat, glassy. This one was choppy; the mosaics of the walls and the beach paraphernalia hanging from the rafters were reflected in tiny fragments of color that remind me of the autumn to come with the start of senior year. Somehow I wonder if those fall leaves will ever come. Each day draws out so long and thin that I am surprised when the sun finally
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