Personal Narrative: Ten Block's Story

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10 Block Story

As the Christmas season is getting closer, the anxiety of what you’re getting for presents is growing bigger. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what they’re getting. The element of surprise is okay, but sometimes you just want to know what you’re getting! So, you can’t blame me when I saw my sister, who, I pretty much know got me for, “Secret Santa,” which wasn’t very secret. I wanted to follow her to see what she got me, so I did.
So I started following her, which as I forgot that she was still shopping for me, so I had to stop and wait while she went in, because I didn’t want her to see me. This was hard because we were at the Mall of America as a family and Abbie went to go look. The first block/store was kinda far away so I wasn’t quite sure it was her, but I knew by her brown hair, it was most-likely her. Now I kinda had to blend in so I brought out my pocket calendar, so it looked like I had a phone, but really
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But, I see the person she was talking with earlier, and I asked her if she knew where Abbie went and if fact she did! She said that Abbie went to a stuffed animal vendor, and I said thanks and went on my way. Even though I had already been there I had my mission and went to The Nike Outlet.
Now that I’m pretty close to her I’m starting to think that I need to make my move and get out of her way so she doesn’t have any suspicions about me.
1 store left! I am almost there I can hear her humming to herself.
Now that I’m looking on the other side of the vendor as her I was just about to take a peek into her bags as someone taps me on the shoulder. It’s Abbie! “Hey Abbie fancy meeting you here!”
“Same, I do have one question though”
“Sure ask away,” I reply starting to get a little nervous.
“Well just between us, I have Will for ‘Secret Santa’ and I don’t know what to get him, any ideas?”
Well so much for this stakeout. Sometimes you just can’t be sure of your

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