Personal Narrative: Texas State 4-H. Roundup Competition

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Slowly and then all at once, the end of the school year crept closer to me and I still had not chosen an act for my Texas State 4-H Roundup competition. All motivation for the competition remained absent, or at least effectively hidden from sight.
Originally I had planned to dance with my friend. Together we had cheorographed a beautiful number and eagerly awaited the day when we could display our skills in front of the judges. But in late March my mom received an unfortunate call from her mother. My friend would need surgery on her foot.
This news crushed my spirits as I considered what it meant for the future competition. No foot, no dancing; no dancing, no partner; no partner, no dance; no dance, no act; no act, no competition.
I’m ruined,
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I just want you to gain confidence in front of people”
“Fine.”, I involuntarily said out loud. “I’ll perform a piano piece.”
My own words surprised myself, as they hastily escaped out of my mouth. When reality struck and I realized what I had committed to, a wrestling match instantly began in my head as I evaluated my reasoning. What have I gotten myself into? Piano – Really? Out of all things, I chose that which I hate performing most?
Each day for the next month I practiced my piano piece continuously. I used different techniques to polish little spots here and there, trusting that every method would contribute to the final war against nerves.
Gradually, I felt more comfortable with my piece, lessening my overall anxiousness and boosting my confidence. But soon the days grew long and the competition day approached.
On June 7th, 2016 I packed and loaded my bag into my mother’s car, and drove off to the State Competition.
During the drive I could not help but think of what the near future held.
I wonder how many people will be there? I asked myself. Will the piano feel weird or play differently?
Every scenario imaginable rolled through my head like a movie. And suddenly the most important question popped into my
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