Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Day Traditions

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There are many things that come to mind when I think of Thanksgiving Day traditions. Growing up in rural Oklahoma we did a lot of outdoor activities, no matter what the temperature was. We would shoot clay pigeons, saddle the horses and go for a ride, sit in the deer stand before we stuffed our faces with Thanksgiving lunch, watch Christmas movies while decorating the Christmas Tree. It didn’t matter what we did, I could always count on doing something outside, and doing it with anywhere from fifteen to fifty people. Yes, I have a very large family. These traditions still live on today. We still all love being outside and there still is a large group that attends. I absolutely love my big, crazy family. I got married three and a half years ago, and my only fear was that we would have to split holidays. Christmas there, Easter here, Thanksgiving there, etc., but I soon learned that was not the case. I was so worried that I would have to miss out on these traditions that I had grown so accustomed to. I never realized how much I loved this holiday until I thought I would have to miss out. But, my husband and I figured out a way to fit both families into one day. After we got into the groove of everything, I soon realized that this was nothing…show more content…
They are probably my favorite part of this holiday, and they are what make the traditions, traditions. However, the food runs a very close second to them. Picking a recipe was not the easiest task because of this love of all Thanksgiving Day food. Both lunch and dinner have incredible items, and I cook for both so there is a lot that I have to choose from. My favorite thing to make is probably mashed potatoes. These aren’t your typical mashed potatoes though. These are my cream cheese mashed potatoes. I typically make good old fashion mashed potatoes, as well as this glorious creamy ones. I know, you’re drooling because anything that contains cream cheese is
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