Personal Narrative: The 41 Pound Bluecat

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The 41 Pound Bluecat It was a warm, breezy summer morning at Milford Reservoir. My dad had just woken up and he came to wake me up. We got dressed and got the boat ready and headed out to the boat dock. When we got there I got in the boat and got the life jackets out. My dad got in the truck and backed me into the water. I started the boat and backed it off the trailer and waited for my dad. When my dad got there he got in the boat and sat down and I started driving to the area where we were going to fish. When we got there my dad took the wheel to find a spot to drift. Drifting is where you put the boat sideways from the wind and let the wind move you and you put poles out alongside the boat so they drift along about a foot above the lake bottom. While he was doing that I was cutting up the shad (bait). When my dad picked a spot to drift he grabbed some poles and we put bait and sinkers on them and set them out alongside the boat. We let them out alongside the boat where one pole is at 150 feet away and the other is about 175 feet away and the other is 200 feet away and the other is…show more content…
When my dad got the fish to the boat he look surprised. When the fish saw the boat it decided it to take off like a jet, or so it tried. My dad got it closer to the boat and I netted it. I got it in the boat and we took some pictures. Lots of pictures. Then we threw it back. We sent my mom a picture. Then we kept on fishing. When we were done fishing I drove back to the boat dock and my dad went and got the truck and I loaded the boat. We went to the fish cleaning station and started to clean the fish that we had caught. Then we saw my mom 's car coming toward us. She watched us clean the fish and I made my sister touch the slimy fish. I don 't think mom cared much for the slime on my clothes and my stench of fish. But it is part of fishing. If you don 't come home slimy, you should be
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