Personal Narrative: The AAA Fundraiser

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When the AAA Saline baseball team found out we were going to Cooperstown we were so excited. But it cost $2,000 a person so we had to do a whole bunch of fundraiser. . We had a whole bunch on our plate because we had to do fundraisers and we had to practice a lot to be ready. The ride up there was really boring because it was 10 hours and I had to sit next to my sister. But we took a pitstop and a few guys from our eam where there. . when we finally got there it was huge and there were about 20 baseball fields that looked like major league fields and there wereA lot of dorm rooms but the place was so beautiful when you looked out all you could see was mountains. “This place is amazing,”one of my team mates said. The next day we went straight
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