Personal Narrative: The Adopted Hero

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The Adopted Hero
There was an old man walking down a street in a poor city when he heard a baby crying in the alley next to him. He went into the alley where the crying was coming from. The crying was coming from a child in a basket wrapped up in a homemade blanket made from different patches of cloth. The old man saw lots of potential in this child so he picked up the basket that the baby was in and to it to the academy that he ran, and took the baby up to his room then the old man’s hand started to glow. Then a baby 's crib appeared filled with warm blankets. The old man laid the baby in the crib, then thought to himself now then you need a name he thought for a second. I got it he exclaimed your name shall be Venata, you will be the hero that will protect this land. Fifteen years have past and it’s time for Venata to start his training. The first
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It was the lich King’s skeleton army blocked by a seal so they could never escape from the inside. But unlike Venata who was trained elemental change magic Ditor was trained in trapping and manipulation magic. So Ditor was able to break the seal. And Ditor use his manipulation magic to control the skeleton army. Venata’s celebration was interrupted by skeletons breaking through the ground. Venata reacted quickly using his elemental change magic to change the element of the stone floor to dragon scale so no more holes could be made in the floor. Now all the warriors in the room pulled out their magic weapons to protect the civilians. While Venata went down one of the holes in the ground to find the person responsible for the attacks. When he jumped down he came across a horde of skeleton warriors, so Venata used his sword tolled it to release then told the sword to ignited the he used his elemental change magic to change the flames to an icy wind to freeze all the skeletones then they all just shattered. This is why Venata chose elemental change magic so he

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