Personal Narrative: The American School System

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As my mother announced that our family was migrating to the United States, I entered a state of shock and excitement. I was filled with joy knowing that I was moving to foreign, that is a common slang we would say when anyone from Jamaica is moving to another foreign county. At the time I was about eleven years old, so I had no idea the major culture shock that was awaiting me. As I started to get acquainted with my new surroundings, one of the things I struggled with was school and even to this day, I still continue to struggle. I may come as being biased and ethnocentric, but personally I think that the Jamaican school system is much better than the American school system. I came from a school system that was very stern and strict. For example everyone before my class would start, the entire school would line up by grades and we would have a…show more content…
Back home I was used to a material culture. One of the many customs that I was used back home is waking up in the morning to my own garden, I am able to pick my fruits out of my own backyard. Everything that I needed was right there in my reach. I had an orange tree, cherry tree, mango tree and other foods. While back home my mother had a chicken pen, we would raise our own chickens, plant our food. That was a big adjustment, I had to adjust to going to the supermarket for everything that you need. Many of the things I needed to survive were handmade, for example when I needed uniforms to go to school, my mother would buy the material and use a sowing machine to make my uniform. As years went by of living in America, I feel as if I have lost independence because I have of how I have much I have become so dependent on technology, like for example, when I’m doing math homework, I would be able to work out the math problems in my head but now when I’m doing my homework I am constantly using a graphing
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