Personal Narrative-The Assassination Of Porsena

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I snuck up behind the man and pierced my sword straight through the throat of Porsena...or did I? It was 509 B.C., I had volunteered to kill Porsena. I was one of 300 men, none of which were as noble as I, for I did not only say I would kill Porsena, but actually set out to. Perhaps I did it to be honored, and to be known for my will and bravery. Porsenna was my enemy, my devil, the only thing preventing me from helping Rome flourish. He purposefully put Rome under siege and blocked the trade! What else could I have done? No matter how much I talked to Porsenna, no matter how hard I tried to reason with him, nothing would change. I could not just wait for someone else to step up to the challenge. I had to take matters into my own hands. I began to plan the assassination,…show more content…
I then made my way through their traps and guardsmen, for I had been at this camp before. I spotted the King about a quarter mile away standing off to the side of a stage, under the protection of a large oak tree. I, being the stealthy person I am, slowly creeped up behind him and thought about where I should be standing when I slit his throat. There were three men. One, a servant, two, the Etruscan King, and three, the King’s assistant. I could easily pick out the servant, but I could not tell the assistant from the King, for they were both dressed in clean, fancy togas. One was busy and the other was not. I chose the one who was not doing work. I stood out of the brushes ready to murder him, but then I began to have second thoughts. “Who should I kill?,” I questioned myself. I decided to kill the one who was busy because, after all, isn’t that the King’s job? Perhaps that was the wrong decision. But, I snuck up behind the man and pierced my sword straight through the throat of Porsena...or did I? The other turned around I realized I was about to meet my certain death. It was the King! I had killed his assistant!
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