Personal Narrative: The Assault Charge That Changed My Life

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I had one assault charge whenever I was really young, I got detained for a few days then went on my merry way home. About 7 years later, there's another assault charge put against me - whenever someone had spit on me (Hey! That's an assault on a minor!), I had grabbed their throat and put it against a wall - then let go after realizing I just flipped shit. I already knew what was about to happen, I had dealt with police before but never had any charges. So I'm explaining my story very laid back exactly how everything happened in my eyes. While the other person is shaking, stuttering, and freaking out... I hear them ask the person if I "Choked" them for longer than 3 seconds. The police just nodded then walked to me. I felt like anything I said was discarded, as their was an adult in the situation and I was just a minor. They looked up my record, I immediately got arrested, don't even get read my rights...…show more content…
and had had the roughest year of my life. It got to a point to where my probation officer would detain me for VOPs (Violation of Probation) for the smallest charges. I've never done any drugs or drank alchohol before, and I like to consider myself very smart. I get detained for "Not following the house rules" being "non co-operative with parents" Which are both violations of probation and you can be locked up for up to 2 weeks for each of those charges. A few days before my court day in juvey, I had heard some of the JSO's (Juvenile Security Officers) talking about a muslim kid who got arrested for allegedly bringing a clock to school, whenever it was obviously a bomb. One of the officers who I was pretty close to told me that kids are getting locked up for stupid shit like me. Anyways, I just heard about a Sikh boy who got arrested because of a bully snitching on him and without questioning, the principal tells the police, and they detain the Sikh boy and take him to a Juvenile

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