Personal Narrative: The Backyard Olympics

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I remember when I was around seven; Friday afternoons were the best part of my week for multiple reasons. One of those being that the school week was finally over. Most importantly, tonight was the night for Backyard Olympics. The Backyard Olympics were not only just a time for enjoyment it was a time for competition, and since I was seven I got into any type of competition. I remember the relentless hum of the crickets constantly playing, the wind whipping against my skin, and the scorching heat of spring. Sweat constantly rolling down my face, and always trying to get my parents to let me stay outside longer. There were days where I was the only one who wanted to come outside. I always tried to convince my parents for just one last “event” before dinner, but when I came inside and smelled the sweet aroma of my mom's cooking I forgot all about the games.…show more content…
The most important of the events were the continual relay races, always trying to move my little feet as fast as they possibly could so I could finally say I was faster. Before I went inside my dad would always swing me in a circle, then we would both fall down from the dizziness and the uncontrollable laughter. But mostly, I remember the long nights outside with my sister and a jar, trying to catch as many lightning bugs as we possibly could. The whole yard would light up from the flashing of their lights. It was times like this when I could truly see the beauty of nature. Nothing else would be on my mind just the extreme wonder of the amazing world around
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