Personal Narrative-The Bahamas Experience

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The Bahamas Drama
I always feared that this would happen to me. I did not understand why it would happen in such a happy place. We were on our way to the number one spot to go on a vacation, the Bahamas. First scenery I spotted were the Bahamas beautiful waters and the big boats on the dock .The plane had just landed and we had to get our luggage and go to the hotel. My Mom and Dad already had tons of stuff planned for the day. First activity they had plan was to go parasailing. I was always scared to go parasailing, because I hated being in ocean and alone if I were to fall off. So we headed off to to Marriot hotel and got prepared for the rest of the day. As soon as we got to the hotel, we got ready for the agenda for today. The first thing
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The boat was known by Viva la Thomas. The Viva la Thomas best looking I have ever seen in my life.It looked like heaven floating on the clear ocean waters. So we were set and headed off to the middle of the ocean. My biggest enemy was this parachute I was thinking of in my head.It was kind of hard to be scared when it had a big yellow smiley face. The first people up were my mom and dad, I was already feeling scared. As they flew off into the sky, they seemed pretty comfortable. More comfortable than I thought, with my mom taking videos in the sky and dad yelling like he caught the holy ghost. So then they landed and then it was me and my brother up next. The adrenaline rush was real.
At last my aunt and uncle strap us down. The seats were actually pretty comfy. I sat next to the emergency buckle. So I said to myself that this experience wouldn’t be so bad. When the wind jerked us back it was so scary. The wind kept us going and going for ever. When we got to the extent of the ropes I made it I conquered my fear of parasailing. The final part was just us landing back onto to boat. “How was the view” my dad asked. I said “it was awesome.” And that is the story of how I got over my fear. Have hold of your fear, Don’t let your fear have a hold on
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