Personal Narrative: The Baltusrol Golf Tournament

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The day of the golf tournament, I was extremely joyful to be at Baltusrol Golf Club for the Drive, Chip, and Putt championship. It was late September; a beautiful day in fact, and the atmosphere was nothing before seen. In this situation, I was determined and hard-fought to do well. My father was supportive and proud of me being in the tournament. Even though I was participating in this event, I had a broken wrist. Thus, as I learned, you should attempt to proceed into everything with your best attitude and put no pressure on yourself.
In August, 2016, I qualified for the Drive, Chip, and Putt Regional Championship. But, during a soccer game, I was tripped and fell on my wrist. After the game, my family and I went to urgent care and it turned out, I broke my wrist. I was devastated since the tournament was two weeks away and there was no way I could play. My thoughts were troubled, but there was one idea I received, never say never. Therefore, I practiced the hardest I had in a while for those two weeks at my local golf course. By the time the day of the tournament arrived, I was ready. When we made it to Baltusrol Golf Club, I never saw anything like it. There were about seventy golfers like me getting ready for this crucial championship. After practicing putting and chipping, I was ready
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But, I kept a lighthearted attitude and went on to the next event, which was chipping. Turns out, I was actually stellar at chipping, even with a broken wrist. As a result, I beat everyone in the field. By having the confidence, nailed my second put right in the hole. However, it was not enough to pull me through to victory. Before finding out the final results, I was anxious to discover how I finished. In fact, I came sixth out of ten people and won the chipping portion of the tournament. At that moment, I felt as victorious as ever in my young life. Furthermore, I was very ecstatic for winning the chipping
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