Personal Narrative: The Basketball Team

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I had just got out of school one cold March day. I had been waiting my entire freshman year for volleyball tryouts to come into season. The basketball team was still having practice in the McGowan gym because they still had some season left in store for them. That afternoon when the bell rung at 2:45 p.m. I knew that I had to bring my all into what was happening next. On my walk up to Wilson I had my ear buds in and I was listening to music to help calm my nerves. I had gotten to the locker room, changed, and all I felt was lonely. I saw everyone talking and laughing with each other because they had knew each other from the previous season; I just kept to myself and didn’t really talk to anyone unless someone started a conversation with me…show more content…
All the long, hard, and tiring hours of preparation were finally put into play. During the midst of the try-out I couldn’t help but imagining me in one of the Carlisle uniform actually representing someone and doing that while playing the sport that I love. It was 5:15 on the final day and the coaches announced that they would be pulling us out into the hallway to tell us which team we were on; the literal feeling was that my heart was in my throat because it was beating that fast. The coach had finally called my name and my heart skipped a few beats. I kind of dozed off for the first part and the only words that mattered to me were “Congratulations Jacob, you made it on the JV team this year and we are very excited to have you on the team this year” I started getting teary eyed because hearing those words come out of his mouth just meant the world to me! In all the emotion of feeling excited I was actually surprised that I got picked to be on the team, because usually coaches pick the skinny people for the reason of that they could deal with the hard work and all the exercise and will be able to handle it without having to take breaks. I helped clean up and I told my mom when I got to the car and she was excited for
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