Personal Narrative: The Battle Of Fort Sumter

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I have learned so much from my high school american history course so far and I’m genuinely shocked by how interesting the information we are learning is. When I generally think about history it bores me but when I started learning about history this year everything changed. I think it’s very important to know history because without those historic events we quite possibly wouldn’t be where we are today. So that’s what I will be trying to do. Teach. Teach interesting information that I’ve already learned from Mr.Bartlett’s world history class. So you’ve reached paragraph one. The Battle of Fort Sumter. This is a crucial,important, and interesting event that launched the civil war. It all began in 1861 in South Carolina. This event stands out from other events because there were actually no casualties, which is interesting because how can something be labeled a battle but there’s no battle? Well there was one death but it didn’t necessarily count because the union soldier died during evacuation, which is in multiple ways ironic. Battle of Westport Missouri. I choose this event second because of the historic background this has on the state I currently reside in. In 1864 confederate general sterling price’s raid on missouri goes wrong, his army…show more content…
This event by itself shaped a lot of what the united states is today and it’s one of my personal favorites. The industrial revolution, in simple terms began in Great Britain in the late 1700’s . Many of the first few innovations from this time period concluded from the textile industry, which means that instead of cotton for clothing being produced in homes, it would now be moved into big factories for production. Britain at the time was a place that had plenty of resources such as coal and iron required to run the machines they used for cloth production. The industrial revolution has many inventions that have shaped our production and other things but this was just a simple version of one
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