Personal Narrative-The Battle Of Sparta

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The battle raged on the plain of Thermopylae. The gut wrenching stench that wafted from the bodies of the fallen nauseated me. I knelt and prayed for the gods to guide my sword and blind the eyes of the enemy, I prayed for them to hand us this victory. I prayed for the fate of Sparta. “LEONIDAS!” the voice, trained to carry over the cries of pain and vengeance, pierced my trauma and I looked up to see my army slowly falling and giving way to the Persian hordes. The enemy continued to hammer at our shield wall as I rallied my Spartan warriors for the final charge. Unseen by me, the Gods above placed a blessing upon the Spartans and answered all their prayers for survival. I screamed “Επίθεση, ATTACK!” and raised my bloodied sword to the streaming…show more content…
I had a gifted one of Apollo heal the wounded man and handed my brother a shield from a fallen warrior. But it was no good. We were outnumbered 3,000 to one. We were going to die and the future of Greece was going to be no more. I sent another silent prayer to the gods. I stood before the Persians, my war kilt soaked the deep, rich red colour of blood. The crown of the Spartan king on my brow and my cloak billowing behind me speckled with gore. I raised my bloodied sword and screamed a wordless snarl of defiance at the invaders and leapt fifty feet into the air to smash into the Persian royal body guards. My soldiers laid their hands upon my back and channelled their godly powers into my body. I bellowed in pain as I pointed my sword at the king of Persia and sent a beam of pure, divine destruction through him. I then directed the beam through the army, carving a swathe of destruction until my godly power was spent. Half of the Persian armies army’s torsos fell, separated at the waist by my power. Then with the last of my strength I charged the remaining half army of Persians, leaping over corpses to strike down the 20,000 men who were still standing. I called forth my archers and ordered a flight of fire arrows to curve down like a rain of fire, smashing into the Persian
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