Personal Narrative: The Battleship Cove

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It was still dark outside and the sun was at its peak from rising into a whole new day. I woke up to my alarm set at 5:10 in the morning, and even though I didn’t exactly get out of bed joyfully, the excitement gave me great motivation. It was a chilly morning, so I grabbed my robe and went to get washed up. I dressed up in warm layered clothing with a scarf and long coat to prepare for the cold, windy day in Boston, Massachusetts. For breakfast, I ate a scrumptious blueberry waffle and grabbed my bag walking towards the door. I hugged my mom goodbye and began walking to school. When I finally arrived at the school, I entered the cafeteria where all my friends were waiting. I was one of the first few there, but students began to greatly bombard the room as the…show more content…
I experienced a very courageous vibe when I passed by the house, as if he was there on that night. The last place we went to see was the Battleship Cove, which was a giant ship displayed as the largest series of World War II naval vessels. The Battleship Cove is a nonprofit nautical museum and war memorial, and the view was absolutely outstanding. The whole eighth grade class took a “Boston Trip” photo in front of the massive ship, and definitely created another memorable, fun time together. At last, we went back on the buses for another dreadful long ride back home, though the drive to dinner was very encouraging. Everybody was so exhausted from the excessive walking and exploration throughout the city, but it was all worth it. The new things we learned, and the actual experience to stand where those historical American events happened was truly awe-inspiring. This trip was definitely more entertaining rather than a regular Social Studies class taught in school. I would immediately agree to travel to Boston again one day and hope to share this amazing adventure with
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