Personal Narrative: The Beach Blaster

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Screams pierced through the salty, muggy, California air. Intimidating rides towered above me, even the thought of riding them terrifying me. Thundering waves crashed as a backdrop for the “Belmont Park” sign that was touching the clouds. Excitement and anticipation coursed through my veins. Though my palms turned clammy and we made our way through the never ending line to get our tickets. Wafting through the light breeze was the sweet aroma of funnel cakes, cotton candy, and hot dogs. Glancing around, I knew one thing, I was determined to go on the three most daunting rides, the Giant Dipper, a hair-raising roller coaster, the Beach Blaster, sickening my stomach at the thought of it, and lastly the dark, looming room of extreme laser tag. While laser tag at the time didn’t seem to be a very…show more content…
Already my stomach felt queasy, I stepped forward faintly, willing myself to walk through the gate into the ride. Finding a spot I slid into the sticky blue seat and awaited my fate. Black bars stretched above my head, coming down, containing my heartbeat. Casually the ground slowly started to glide underneath my feet. With each sway, I could see farther and farther beyond the buildings. Stomach fluttering, I squeezed my eyes shut, and tried to inhale and forget about my stomach leaving the atmosphere. Screams encompassed me, coming in from all directions. Prying my eyes open, before me laid out an endless ocean of boisterous waves. Bracing myself for the drop, a scream escaped my mouth as we swooped towards the ground. Sweeping up again, gradually, with each swing the background started to dissipate until I could start to see the pattern on the metal ground below. Halting to a stop, I jumped off, staggering past the gate, relieved it was over and yet bemused over what I had just

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