Personal Narrative: The Best Golfer

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Golf is a game of the mind not the body. I know that sound cliché but it really is true. The best golfers in the world insist that their mental game is the reason they succeed. For the majority of my golf career, I always thought these golf legends were just saying this without anything to back it up. Throughout the summer of 2016, I learned that this mental toughness everyone is talking about really does impact you not only as a golfer, but as a person. It was roughly a week in a half before our golf sectionals. My golf season had been decent for a freshman but I was struggling with inconsistency. I was shooting roughly anywhere from the low to high 80’s. My biggest golf role model, Matt Desper, is the best golfer I know. I’ve never met someone that is so talented with a club. Matt has always said, “You’re this close Brock, this close to being really good” He used to always joke around and say that I was a mental nut job in the head. I saw the evidence that he possessed something mentally that I didn’t. He has a video of both of our swings side by side on his phone. They are identical in every single way, excluding my flexibly because of the age difference. Even though I had this evidence right there in front of me,…show more content…
I went out to the course every single day and it didn’t show any signs of getting better. My mom ends up calling Mike Pasqually. I’ve never golfed with him but he is the golf pro at noble hawk and Matt’s high school coach. I worked with him once a week and my golf game did end up improving slightly but still no cure. After spending a few days with me over the couple of weeks, he thought the same thing Matt did. “You need to improve your mental side of golf” He recommends a book called Golf is not a Game of Perfect. In fact, my mentor, Matt, said it dropped roughly 10 stokes off of his game and has read it several times. I figured that reading the book would only help because my golf game couldn’t possibly get

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