Personal Narrative: The Black Bag

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The Black Bag…A Lesson For All

“Vali do not mess around or stick your hand in my black toiletry travel bag.” My dad said.

Of course everybody does what they are told “not” supposed to do especially little kids like I was

when I learned my painful lesson.

I wanted to stick my hand in his black bag… And so I did. I stuck my hand in the black toiletry

travel bag quickly after my dad had left the bathroom when I was brushing my teeth that night.

When I reached in… that is when it happened. The black toiletry travel bag fell to the ground as I

started screaming, because I saw blood dripping down my thumb. As my dad rushed in worried

and saw the black toiletry travel bag on the floor. I told him what I did he was not mad at me, but

just a little disappointed since I did not follow his instruction to “do not stick your hand or mess
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It was truly painful. That is

how I learned my lesson right away. After not listening to what my father had said about the

black bag. I was curious to find out why he had told me not to stick my hand in the black toiletry

travel bag. Well I found out soon enough when my dad’s shaving razor cut a chunk of my skin

off of my thumb. It hurt so badly.

That night was the worst night ever I did not sleep any. The aching pain was unbearable. We did
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Instead we poured peroxide on the cut. It

burned so bad. I could not even stand the pain. We put some Neosporin on it than a Band-Aid.

This is one memory from when I was like 4 that I will never forget the pain that had come
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