Personal Narrative: The Black Girls Running Movement

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move a from a recreational space to a more competitive and social space. I began to do road races and the challenge was a nice personal accomplishment with loads of fringe benefits. As I got older it became therapeutic on numerous levels. I later found that it became a solitary practice that allowed me to connect to God. What I noticed long before “Black Girls Run,” was that I was planting a seed just by being my authentic self. I did not mean to start a local movement, but the local movement came via people watching me for years — so with the birth of the National running movement for black women it was a natural progression. With those who knew me then and now, “I thinking became if Khristy can do it, I can do it too.” So if an Evangelist…show more content…
I have attempted to discuss and support why a photography ministry for a faith-based organization/ministry would not be necessarily a “more suitable” but a perhaps a suitable option. I have given a theological rationale to support why a photography ministry coupled with running is a viable tool for an evangelistic move; why a sociological foundation in running and photography is necessary and how it translates easily as an evangelical tool; three, why social media is a necessary vehicle in which to carry these tools to specified audiences; and finally, how the vision, goals and success of the photography/running ministry is determined quantitatively and qualitatively by the ultimate leading of the Holy Spirit to which social media platform should receive applications of photographs or proclamatory expressions for specific times— so that the tools may not become cliché. Because of my obedience to the leading of God’s spirit and the timeliness of this project my daughter wants to become a college professor who teaches photography, to that I say
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