Personal Narrative-The Boom Babies

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The Boom Babies “C’mon honey” I said to Devin, my baby. We were at Stepping Stones Day Care. It was my little boys first day. I wanted to drop him off early, at 6, so I could make it to my job at school as a teacher. “Hello, I’m here to drop of my son,” I told the Daycare women. “We are glad to have him,” she seemed to quote back at me. “I’ll pick him up at six,” I told her. “Have a nice day!” she called as I drove off. “Hi Greg,” I called to our security guard. I dropped my tests off at the bin, to be picked up later. As I walked to the lounge I saw the door was opened. It is normally locked so I became worried. “What happened?”I asked. “Look, Maggie, look!” cried Margaret. Bomb threat to daycare released by unknown bomber. “OH MY GOD…show more content…
I arrived and ran up to the door. “Hi, early checkout right now please!” I panted. “Name please,” the girl asked. “Maggie, here for Devin.” She gave me the baby and I ran out. “Everything will be fine honey,” I told Devin as I brushed his hair out of his face. As I was getting out of the lot, the daycare went BA-BA-BA-BOOOOM!! behind me. Suddenly, I wasn’t in my car. I was looking up at the sky, trying to see the kite. Then the plane came. I watched it fly and then disappear into that building. I started screaming before I could hear my voice. I only knew I was screaming because I was trying to. Huge arms pulled me away, under shelter of a building. Then he arms disappeared with a bang, and I was on the ground. I looked around and where a counselor just was was a piece of metal and some arms. I passed out then. I heard a baby crying, and looked around. “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommyy,” Devin cried. I looked around, and he was strapped into the seat. I didn’t realise what was wrong until I saw the world upside down. I unbuckled myself and reached for him. “Hold on honey, I’m coming,” I told him. I finally unlocked his harness and got him down. Now there was a different problem, the door wouldn’t…show more content…
“The media will be crawling over this, so let 's get a jump.” “Felicia, check the logs of the Daycare and see who dropped a baby off. Reid, check security footage for anything suspicious. Danny, go over the paperwork and see if there were any complaints or threats to the Daycare before the warning.” Dismissed! “You wanted me, sir?” Steve asked. “You 're gonna be the lead on this one,” I told him. You have the task force at your disposal,” I warned. “Don’t waste it or make this choice a mistake.” “I won’t, sir!” Steve shouted. A knock on my door. “Enter!” I shout. “Are you commander McGarrett?” a women ask. “Yes, Why?” I reply. “I’m from FOX news, and I was hoping you could have some answers,” the women said perkily. “No, nothing yet.” I said. “It’s too early in the investigation to have any solid leads.” “I have one more-” “No, sorry” I cut her off. “We are too early for any more questions.” “Thank god that’s over,” I mutter to myself. “Let 's see what they dug up tomorrow.”

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