Personal Narrative: The Boston Tea Party

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Being terrified is the thing that keeps hope out of our lives. It is important to not be scared because if we are, then we will have no hope in winning and we will not win. If we just believe that we can win and not give up then we will have our victory. We could also get someone to come and help out in the war. Many people don’t want to work because they are too sick. Since there are so many soldiers who are sick George Washington doesn’t have enough people in his army. I will re-enlist because we are getting support from the country, I am hopeful, and there aren’t enough people to fight. Valley Forge is not looking very terrible and I am only re-enlisting because I still have hope.
In 1773 the Boston tea party was a very big deal in the revolution . It was one of the first events to take place in the revolution. We tried to get our freedom from Britain with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Nothing seems to work we are still under their control and we can’t get freedom. We do get food from Quakers and this is why I will re-enlist. People who re-enlist will go to war for another 9 months.
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Congress has been most helpful in getting food. Powell said “Congressman stayed several weeks and was helpful in getting more food and clothing.” We are now getting more food and clothing with a better chance to survive. Things here have been going better than I thought they would. I never thought that we could ever get better. Waldo stated “The army which has been surprisingly healthy.” We are starting to get better and we are that low on food anymore. Quakers have been supplying food and watching British for us (Roden 141). It is nice to know that we are getting lots more support and someone to watch British for us. With lots of support from congress we have been getting better and healthier (Waldo 151). Things are looking better with warmer clothes and healthier
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