Personal Narrative: The Bozeman, Montana

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As we finally stepped off the plane and looked out the windows on the way into the airport, we saw the beautiful snow globe of Montana where we had planned our winter skiing trip. I was traveling with my family and my cousins who we often travels with. We would usually go a lot farther than within the United States, but for this particular trip we were more interested in the skiing than being tourists. The Bozeman, Montana airport was a farm. There were so many different animals all over the wall it might as well had been a hunting lodge; however, this in no way scared me off for this trip. The beautiful snowflakes outside that gracefully performed a ballet to their fatal plummet entranced me. The fairy-like Christmas lights that decorated the airport and made it resemble a winter cabin at Christmas excited me for an amazing winter break trip.…show more content…
We were very used to the whole process of flying and airports, and so we went straight to wait patiently for our luggage knowing that it often takes a while. My family’s luggage came off almost immediately and so we waited for the other family’s luggage to come. I took the seven-year old daughter of our family-friends aside to entertain her. We were imagining what the people on the monitor screen above us must be saying and almost didn’t realize that it had been a whole hour and the same pieces of luggage were still circling the belt unclaimed while no new luggage came
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