Personal Narrative: The Break-In

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The Break-in u/Scorpshee I haven’t talked to anyone about this before, only my husband, when he asked me about it earlier this week. Its a story about my brother and I, and the people who broke into our home. I was 21, and home for the first time in four years. I had just graduated from university, and was staying with my parents until I found a job. One evening, when my parents were out of town for the weekend, I was home alone with my younger brother Tommy. He was 14 at the time, and had come home from seeing a movie with his friends. We ordered a pizza, and spent most of the evening relaxing and chatting. We went to be around 11:00, but at about 3:00am, I woke up to hear Tommy whispering my name. “Zoe! Wake up!” I rolled over to look at him. This was going on in the middle of summer, so we had our bedroom window open, and from the glow of the streetlight coming …show more content…

The cops arrived, and calmed me down enough to take my statement my parents were called, and came home the next day. All of us were brokenhearted over Tommy, who got stabbed just for trying to help me. The following years were hard. I was in therapy for a year afterwards, and every anniversary of the event, I think over what happened. The reason my husband asked me about it was, years later after I had begun to date and finally married, I saw a news story about two robbers arrested not far from where we live. The report mentioned it was two men, dressed in black, who had robbed a home and tried to kill one of the owners. The reporter said the third man, who had worn a skull mask over his face, had never been caught. I had started panicking at this, and eventually told my husband all about what had happened. He knew my brother had died, and that it had been during an attempted robbery, but not much else. He held me for the rest of the night, and did his best to comfort me. We still don’t know who Skull Guy was, or where he is, but I’m on the lookout for him to this

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