Personal Narrative: The California Screamin Roller Coaster

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My personal narrative #4

The California Screamin Roller coaster

OH MY GOD IT’S DISNEYLAND! Wow this is amazing! I am actually here! We got our tickets and went in through the gates. My dad introduced me to the train ride called “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” there and, holy cow! A couple of times on the ride, if it were not for the safety bar holding me down, I would have been long gone.
The next day was even better: we went to the Disneyland California Adventures side and that was when dad introduced me to the big blue-and-white roller coaster just beyond the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel. It has a loop on it, and is called the grand “California Screamin” Roller coaster.
Then, with a giant grin on his face, daddy asked me the question that I will never ever forget: “Do you want to go on that ride?”
“Ummmm.. sure why not?” I replied with a worried tone.
“Come on it will be fun! You have to try it.”
So he arranged with my mother to split up for a while so we could go together. Waiting in line, I was not really worried at the time, but then I remembered that those same words got me multiple bruises on my legs, so I quickly distracted myself. Also when we were in line waiting for the next car, it occurred to me that I had the chance to quit and I could just say that I didn't want to go, but me being me, I didn't
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I felt the wind in my face as if I were flying, then as we were nearing the loop, my fear was not getting any better. As we went through the loop - I felt weightless, and coming down, as if I was falling to my death. I screamed louder than humanly possible at this point and boy oh boy, after the ride was over I was still panting like a dog as if He had just held his breath for one
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