Personal Narrative: The Cause Of Breast Cancer

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I was nine years old when a strange lump formed on my left foot. I got it checked out and it turned out that it was a tumor. A tumor is a form of cancer. The real name for it was way too long for me to remember. The tumor was extremely sensitive I barely tapped it on a chair leg at Nick dennises house and my whole foot turned black and blue. I could hardly walk on it after I hit it on that chair leg. The tumor was roughly about the size of a half dollar. The doctors were wondering if they were going to do chemo or not. it was a two sided argument. there was an american doctor and an indian doctor. The indian doctor wanted to do chemo .The american doctor wanted to just do surgery. In the end the american doctor won the argument. All I had to do was have surgery. The day before the surgery I went to St. Louis. Thats where the hospital I was having my surgery. The hospital was called St. louis children 's hospital. I went a day early and spent the night at a hotel. We got to the hotel a little late. I wanted to swim though. The reason I wanted to swim so bad was because it…show more content…
Breast cancer is a cancer worse than what i had especially since she had to have chemotherapy. Chemo lowers your white blood cell count. White blood cells are what help you fight of diseases so she could easily get sick. She did get sick and had to go to the hospital my dad went with her, and sense my brother was at college I had to go stay with my cousins in cairo so they could take me to school. I had to stay with them for about three weeks I always had to get up earlier than usual, and when I woke up my cousins woke up except for the eleven year old named grant who I would have to pick up out of his bed and take him to the kitchen so he could eat breakfast. In the end of all this though my mom got better and better she gained strength now she wants to get better by running and losing
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