Narrative About Road Accident

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As I force my eyes to shut, the constant flashbacks repeat vividly through my head. The sound of the screeching car causes nothing but fear. Although I don’t remember much I still struggle to sleep. Two years ago I lost everything in a blink of an eye, I lost my family and I feel I’ve even lost myself. I squint my eyes shut tightly, forcing my face to feel numb I still see that large truck with bright lights coming towards me, I still feel like I am falling as our car was tumbling over, rolling out of control. I still see the two blurry figured men, dressed in perfectly fitted suits, grabbing me as I was half unconscious, with no energy to even resist. I hear a loud ringing bell reminding me of the screams of fear from the crash, my eyes slowly…show more content…
“ Follow me” he got up on his feet and climbed the wall leading to the window, I followed his path he turned around and told me, “I need you to trust me, I’m going to smash this window and we have to run faster than anything.” I swallowed my nervous feelings and just nodded my head. The little boy smashed the window and pulled himself and I out the window. We hit the ground hard and struggled to get up as pain rushed through my body. “HELP” the boy cries out. The same two men dressed in perfectly fitted suits took the boy away and I was left on the ground crying for help. The flashbacks instantly replay in my head, I see the bright lights from the truck and I hear myself screaming as if I was back in my car. A faceless man hidden behind a helmet pulls my body up and points a gun towards my head. My body shakes and my tears rush down my cheeks, I see his finger ready to pull the trigger in the reflection of his helmet. His finger is getting closer and I try to break free of his arms. I hear loud screams coming closer from behind me and with all the energy I have left I look in his helmet and see my parents running towards me. “MUM, DAD” I screamed and those were my last two
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