Personal Narrative: The Champion Of 6th-Grade Football

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On a cold, frosty, snow cover night in November at Welcome Home Stadium, was when my life changed. That night, two teams played for the chance to call themselves champions of 6th-grade football. All game, my team and I battled against the mighty Wilmington Hurricanes. We fought all game to win and finally we got the ball back with less than under a minute left and down by 4 points. The crowd was quieter than a church mouse as my coaches huddled us up during a timeout, and in that timeout, my coaches looked to me for answers. Coach Harold said to me, and the team “,Pratt” this last minute was left for you to get us this win and a championship! I thought to myself “I’ve done this all year”, in this game I had 4 touchdowns, and scored most of
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