Personal Narrative: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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When I was younger I went to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Along side of the music being played were silent vignettes. That night as we entered the theater, I vividly remember right before we got our seats, a man handing out playbills said to my parents, "there is a point here where two men kiss each other". My parents said, "okay". We sat down and that was that. I came out to my parents, brother, and sister as bisexual towards the end of my sophomore year in high school. I was taking a survey for my health class and it had the question, "what is your sexuality?" and there were the following options: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, or other. I hovered over "questioning" for a few seconds. Up to this point I had been asking myself if certain things made me bisexual, or if I could see myself in a relationship with a woman. I’d been questioning myself for a year, at least. This moment would come to define so much of who I am. I moved my pencil and checked bisexual. That night I came out to my twin sister who graciously accepted me, and naturally, asked a few questions. Shortly after, I told my mom in a parking lot on our way to see a movie, and I told my dad on the top of the stairs in my house. They both told me they…show more content…
I said hello to some family members, but mostly stuck around Jagger, my nephew. I was playing with Jagger when I heard my cousin talking to his friends. They were laughing and having a good time, it seemed like they were talking about someone. That 's when I heard one of them say, "he 's such a fag". They all laughed again. I stood there in shock. I wish I had done something, I sure as hell was thinking about it. But I felt inferior and intimidated. I could not bring myself to say something about the derogatory word they threw out into the open, the word that contaminated the air that I was

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