Personal Narrative: The City Of Detroit

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In the middle of metro Detroit stands a small city, only about a mile square and half of that consumed by the Detroit Zoo and Rackham Golf Course. Nicknamed The City of Homes, Huntington Woods is a tight knit neighborhood consisting mostly of families, many who have lived in the city for several generations. The city boasts many annual neighborhood events such as the Fourth of July Parade and Ice Cream Social. Neighbors constantly appear at each others homes asking for advice, support, assistance, or to simply chat a while. Growing up with this strong sense of community is something I have carried with me throughout my life, from being highly involved in high school musicals to building a supportive academic network in my major at Michigan State. By continuing to carry these values I can support my fellow medical school class and understand how to be actively involved in my community throughout my career.
Education is highly valued in Huntington Woods.
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This is a stark contrast to our neighbor Detroit, only two miles down the road. The ratio between Detroit’s black to white population flipped in the 1970s and has continued to grow for the last 40 years and the city is now about eighty percent black Americans. Detroit is commonly identified, not only by its large black population but also by a history of poverty and crime. Growing up in metro-Detroit, a link between the black population and the condition of the city was often made. The racism behind this link was thinly veiled with weak supporting points. Supposedly uncontrollable factors such as educational systems and the natural flow of economic progress were often cited for why a predominantly black community was experiencing various disparities. When not painted as a community of criminals, Detroit was described as a community deserving the pity and assistance of the residents belonging to surrounding

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