Personal Narrative: The City Of Miami

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The city of Miami is a cultural melting pot. It is considered home to over 400,000 people, and grows with each day. It is safe to say, the majority of the population of Cuban-Americans, live in Miami. For this reason, I like to refer to Miami as “North Cuba.” I am a Miami native, but I also identify with my Cuban Heritage. Therefore, my love for this city is great, to say the least. Hot, tropical weather all year round is just fine for me.

There are many places in Miami that can be dubbed as the epitome of this city’s vibrant culture. Although, some disagreements may occur, depending on each person, and where they were raised. For instance, many people foreign to this city, may assume that “South Beach” is the epicenter for Miami’s transient culture. However, veteran “Miamians”, would probably beg to differ. Some might say the Liberty City region of Miami holds true to what this city, as a whole, represents. Others, may state Little Haiti, or the concrete jungle of Brickell, holds the microphone. In my opinion, the rooster-littered region of Little Havana, takes the crown.

I am unable to say my opinion is unbiased, due to being born and raised in Little Havana. However, I firmly believe Little Havana is as Miami as it gets. The wind that blows through Little Havana pushes the sweet scent of Cuban-American cigars. In this section of
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Here you’ll find roosters and hen roaming about freely. Likewise, each corner is home to a statue of a colorfully costumed rooster, which has also converted into a tourist “selfie-bait”. The sidewalk is home to a “Walk of Fame”; which features countless marble stars, engraved with the names of our most influential hispanic celebrities. Also found here is “Maximo Gomez Park”. This historic park is consistently occupied by locals, playing the game of “Dominos”. Hispanic restaurants, and cuban themed gift shops are

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