Personal Narrative: The Cliffs Of Moher

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The raw smell of rain and the salted sea waltzed through the air and surrounded me in a flurry of earthly smells. The splintering wind eclipsed my eyelids, forcing them shut. Briefly, I opened my eyes to see a sign labeled “ABSOLUTELY NO UMBRELLAS.” No kidding. Anyone with an umbrella would have been whisked off the ledge; Mary Poppins style. I was in a melee with the typhoon as I unsuccessfully tried to make my way to the edge. Taking way longer than it should’ve, I managed to crawl near the edge of the cliff. I looked down to see the thundering upsurge of ocean smacking into the spindly rock from the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Although the raindrops bit at my defenseless skin like hundreds of arctic beestings, I had never felt more alive. This; this is why I travel.…show more content…
I pivoted to my right at the vibration of a muffled, sunken breath. As I turned my head to see what it was, I jumped back at the rough nasal aspiration of a barricade of an animal. “Stay back,” cautioned my mom, “you never know how they might react to you.” The cow’s dark eyes were facile, almost like they were telling me not to be afraid. A small tuft of hair on the top of its head flailed wildly in the wind. I could’ve sworn the cow winked at me before it returned to munching on some grass. Without a fence to segregate the humans and animals, I should’ve been scared… but the adrenaline surging through my body kept me from screaming off into the other
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