Personal Narrative-The Controversy Day

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"It’s 5:30. Call time. Go change now. We need to leave asap” the band “moms” yelled as we rushed to the locker rooms. It was time. It was 5:30 in the afternoon as I dressed in my marching band uniform in the smelly locker room. All my friends were with me and we were excited for the tournament. I was very prepared for the tournament because we had practiced all week for this day. As I walked onto the school bus, I sat with my friend Tyler. The smell of beef jerky danced in the air as I saw Tyler open a bag of pepper beef jerky. I then reached for some squishy beef jerky and all I was able to taste was the peppery, mouth-watering beef jerky. “Hey. So are you excited to perform?” I asked Tyler. “HAHA what do you think. I’ve been waiting for…show more content…
Belski told us. “Ow. My neck hurts from the crash and I don’t think that I can perform” Tyler said, laughing at the situation. “HAHAHA. That’s the spirit. No but if any of you did get injured, notify me and the H.P.” said Mr. Belski. As we waited for the H.P. to arrive, I had an urge to look out of the window. When I looked out of the window, I saw something very surprising. “Dad! Ally!” I yelled out of the window as they walked out of the hotel. I was inside of a yellow school bus with my friends as we waited for the Highway Patrol. As they looked for me, all I was able to hear was people talking over each other and my friends laughing at each other. “Hey guys! I’m over here!” I yelled at them. Then the lights in the bus turned on and I became visible to them. “Hey, Eric, what happened? Why aren’t you guys at the stadium?” my dad asked. “Someone crashed into us as we were on the off ramp, but we’re all good. We are waiting for the Highway Patrol to check the scene.” I replied. “I’m really proud of you, son. Once I heard about the importance of this tournament, I wanted to come and watch you perform.” my dad said with a big smile on his…show more content…
As he left to report the crash we looked back at the BMW and I noticed that there was no damage taken to the little BMW. Everyone began to talk and laugh and the bus filled with life. As time flew by, it began to take away our warm up time and that was starting to create a problem for the band. If the entire low brass section didn’t warm up, then the music wouldn’t sound good because without us, the band wouldn’t feel the pulse. Also, the entire low brass had a feature in the closer and if the feature sounded out of tune and off, it would cost us points. We waited 10 minutes and the bus began to move. The seniors then called silent bus again and they began to give a few pointers about the

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