Personal Narrative-The Controversy Surrounding A Monster

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CLANK! Finally a monster has sprung my trap. I turned on the kitchen lights to find a terrifying monster looking at me with its foot in the trap. I yelled out for someone before I threw the frying pan at its chest, and ran for my life. I started banging on everyone’s doors, but no one was answering. I began to cry out of fear. Finally my grandpa opened his door. “What is it?” He asked. “Mmmonster.” I said sheepishly. I followed behind him as we crept downstairs. When we reached the kitchen all that remained from the monster was the flatten trap. “I swear there was monster here, it was big and ugly.” I said. “Go back to bed.” He said as he began to go back upstairs. I spent the rest of the night afraid of what could happen. After that night
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