Personal Narrative: The Cow

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It all started one year ago. My cows were sleeping at night when a object appeared out of nowhere and attacked one. “MOO MOO” I heard the cows! I could see the coyote attacking the cows. I could not see what was happening but i knew it wasn’t good. I went to get a gun when I got back it was out of site. What happen was that my two dogs got out their pens and chased the coyote away. I went to see if the cows were ok one of them had blood coming from it’s leg. It had a bite mark there. I could not do anything about it because the cows were to rowdy. “Tomorrow” I said to myself. I went inside and went to sleep. In the morning I went to the cow, the bite mark wasn’t as bad as I thought the blood was all dried up.I got the cow in the corral and
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