Personal Narrative: The Dallas Cowboys

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Aidan’s Fantasy Growing up i've always liked football. The Dallas Cowboys to be exact. My fantasy would to play on the Cowboy’s team, and now that fantasy is coming true. Ring, Ring, Ring. My alarm goes off as I wake up. I sit there and ponder a little bit thinking of what the day holds for me today. First day of practice I think to myself. I walk on the field not knowing what to expect. Will they make fun of me or laugh at me. But it was silent except the smashing of the players getting hit. Coach puts me in at running back to see what i've got. As the ball is snapped the ball is put in my arms. And i'm running down the line as I see a linebacker coming straight at me. In split time I react and dodge the defender. Im now at full speed…show more content…
I start to ask coach if he could put me in, but he keeps saying that I don't have enough experience. I'm about to walk out when he says that the star running back got hurt and I need you to sud for him tomorrow. The next day came I got dressed and I was ready to play. Kickoff begins as i’m sitting on the bench watching and cheering them on. Tackled at the 26 yard line. First play on and I get the ball. Ball is snapped and it's a pitch to me. I'm running at half speed trying to concentrate on where to go. All I hear is the crowd roaring. And all the sudden i’m hit out of bounds for a gain of 48 yards. Half time hits as the score is Dallas 28 and Patriots 34. Coach starts talking about the game and how we need to make a comeback, but all I can think about is the expression on the defender's face. The anger and tense on his face was unbelievable. The next Quarter come and goes and there's 30 seconds on the clock. And the score is Dallas 42 And Patriots 45. As were in the huddle, last play says the QB let’s make it count. The ball is snapped and the ball is now in my arms. It was a clear gap to the endzone and I take it. Running full speed and then I hear something. I turn my head and see that crazy look one more time. I stop and he runs right past me and in the
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