Personal Narrative: The Dark Knight Rises

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Michael is painting his brink. Andrew, Kenzie, Kristin, Trenton, Hannah, Rachel are watching "The Dark Knight Rises." Dillon was also in the lobby, we talked about how is day was because everything that is going on in his life. Michael returned the Screwdriver that he borrowed from the office. Dillon stopped by his room to make chicken. I ran into Jacob who was just returning from the bathroom. It smells like soap on my floor. Dillon and I stopped by Koryn 's room to talk to her. While we were talking, I received a text message from Kristin asking me to check up on Rachel Nitchman. Rachel has a lot of stress right now and I feel like it is really getting to her. I stopped by Alexis room to say hello. I noticed that Elise 's door dec…show more content…
She seems to be adjusting well. Overall, the floor was quiet. The stairwells are doing great, no problems here. Andrew and Trenton are still watching "World War Z" I still love this movie! Nothing was happening on this floor. Michael approached me about a problem he was having in his room. I helped him fix the problem. The only people I heard was Jeff talking to Jake. Otherwise, the floor was silent. Naudaka was being very loud in the bathroom, but no one is making any noise. WHY IS IT SO HOT? I stopped by Jessica Stiles room to check on her progress of the dragon-scale shrug she was making. I scared Alexis on accident; she was on her way to go pick up Katie from work. I turned on the lights in the lounge, they were all off and I wanted to make sure people could see. Saige came to visit me in the office, I am glad that eim came to visit tonight. I ran into Devon who was going to bed for the evening. It smells like soap, thank god this floor takes showers! Koryn and some of her friends came back to DK. Otherwise this floor is quiet. I ran into Alexis and Katie who just returned from work. Kristin wants to do finger painting or an open mic night. Saige is having some stressful issues with eir new roommate in

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