Personal Narrative: The Day Before Thanksgiving

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The day before Thanksgiving I woke up the day before Thanksgiving wondering how we were going to get all the food done. I wanted this Thanksgiving to be the best Thanksgiving our family has ever had. I got up, went upstairs and my Grandpa was already cooking and my grandma was already cleaning, so I decided to just jump right in. At the end of the day, some of the food was already done, and some of it had a lot to go, but we all knew we had tomorrow too. "Tomorrow is going to be a great day" everybody thought. We all went to bed wondering how it's gunna turn out. The day of Thanksgiving Everybody got up still wondering how it was going to be. Everybody was coming at 12:00, because we were gunna start eating dinner at 3. As we were getting ready, cleaning the house, cooking the food, it turned 12:00 and we heard a knock on our door. I ran over, opened it, and it was my friend Kasey. A little bit later everybody was their, having fun.…show more content…
In the background I could hear a pan sizzling as my grandpa was cooking for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I could already smell how good the Thanksgiving Dinner would be. I could see our kitchen being a mess. I was happy! Everybody was having a good time, playing cards, talking to each other, like everybody should do on Thanksgiving. "It's almost time to eat" my grandpa said excitedly, we all jumped up and down and
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