Personal Narrative: The Day I Became Insane

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From day one we all knew that Alice was no sane person. She would always say random crazy things that would be funny, confusing, or just made us uncomfortable. She seemed to be lost in a daydream and acted as if she was never part of this world. To be honest it was a little scary. It was in the year 2000 that Alice truly became insane. It was the day we were working in the chemistry room with some major dangerous chemicals. As usual Alice sat down next to her lab partner Conejo White. Alice had always found Conejo very interesting and peculiar. She thought it was strange how he always wanted to be on time and kept a pocket watch with him, even though they were outdated, they fascinated him. Conejo was albino white beach blonde hair, and was much shorter than Alice was. The two of them never really spoke to each other but instead worked quietly together. No one ever understood how the two worked together. They were both controlling, Conejo was smart while Alice tended to daydream and not pay attention. Anyway… let 's find out what the true story of…show more content…
My brother and I were filled in with the rest of our classmates around 9 am, while some of our other classmates such as Conejo were already there. Alice as usual was running late, and was literally running to class in attempt to be on time for once. Luckily she made it. We all sat down and waited for Mrs. Heart the chemistry teacher to squawk some instructions to us. Mrs. Heart was a peculiar women, she was short and stubby with fiery hair, and had quite a temper. Word of advice, do not mess with her. Anyway, Mrs. Heart stood at the head of the classroom surveying the room and then barked her instructions, “Labs are on the table, make sure you turn in your homework from the night before, if you do not you will have points deducted and be given demerits. Do not ask any question becuase I just do not care about what you want.” she chuckled there and paused for a little

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